Header for the page sharing artwork by David Kunzman.  Two strong, fictional women side-by-side, with David Kunzman's nickname, Schwave, written below.


When I was younger, I loved to draw and did so on a daily basis. Unfortunately, I all but stopped after entering college due to the workload. I am currently working on changing that. In 2018, I started learning digital artwork on my own. So far, the illustrations have been fairly simple as I have been learning the tools and practicing. Over time, I should be able to work my way up to creating more involved pieces.

This website is a place for me to share my work. I have also setup a Twitter account to follow other artists, and generally become a bit more involved in the artwork community. If you would like to follow my progress, share your own work with me, or just say "hi", you can contact me at @CopiousInk .

Recent Artwork Posts

My First Sticker: A Cute, Little Kitty

Shortly after staring to pick up artwork again, I decided to also give creating some stickers a try. This cute, little kitty sticker is the very first sticker I had printed. more

Closeup portrait of David Kunzman in black and white with strong lighting.
My Friends Call Me Schwave

A quick introduction to my background in artwork, including drawing, sketching, and photography. If you are looking for an explanation on how to pronounce my nickname, Schwave, this post covers that as well. more

First Things First

I am starting a blog?!? It would seem so, and this is the first post. This post gives a quick introduction to the blog and why I am starting it. more