First Things First

I have started a blog?!?! I am pretty sure this is a sign of the end times. Consider yourself warned.

But, seriously...

Drawing and sketching was a favorite pastime of mine when I was young. During college, I found myself drawing less and less for various reasons. To the point where I had all but stopped drawing completely. In the last few years, I have noticed the desire to draw and sketch bubbling back up to the surface again.

Similarly, photography became a regular hobby of mine during graduate school. As with drawing and sketching though, photography was eventually pushed to the side for various reasons. The last year or so of graduate school required much of my attention be focused on my graduate work. A desire to return to photography is increasing.

You might ask, "what does this have to do with a blog?"

First, as I pick these hobbies up again, I would like to keep a record of sorts. I am not particuarly great at either of these hobbies, and I would like to improve. Towards that end, it would be nice to create a record I can look back on over time to review progress. Maybe it will even serve as an incentive to help keep me on track and improve over time.

Second, I would like to keep notes about various resources, references, tips, and techniques I pick up along the way. Meanwhile, there are many people out in the world also learning the things I am learning. Hopefully someone else out in the world will find this useful as well. If I can help out at least one other person on the same journey, awesome!

Though I must admit, writing has never really been my thing, so we will see how this goes.

Anyway, I do not want to ramble on about goals, hopes, and aspirations. The truth is, I am not entirely sure what I expect to get out of this endeavor. As long as I can manage to have some fun along the way, I will be happy. If at least a few other people find this useful as well, even better!

So for now, first things first... "Hi. My name is Dave. My friends call me Schwave."