Drawing of Neve Campbell

Pencil Drawing

This pencil drawing is an attempt at a photorealistic portrait I drew of Neve Campbell as a high school art project. I think it turned out pretty well, but is not quite photorealistic. It was done using a standard set of drawing pencils (6H - 6B) on a large sheet of drawing paper. I used a photograph from a magazine as the reference. Unfortunately, I no longer have the original reference or any information on it.

I have only attempted a few photorealistic pencil drawings. My favorite so far is the Philip Seymour Hoffman piece. The first I ever did was of a boy, also drawn during high school.

The artwork had already been framed by the time I was able to take a photograph of it, so I had to take the photograph at a bit of an angle to avoid glare and reflections as best I could. That is why the image looks a bit odd, and why the dark areas are a bit hard to see.

For more information on Neve Campbell, see her Wikipedia page.