Cat Dragon


Meow-rawr-yawn! ...lick...lick...

If there is anything that can make a dragon more terrifying, it is the "I will end you for no particular reason, and toy with you as I do it" attitude that cats have. That mixed with their irresistibly cute and cuddly appearance that lures you right in. Don't you just want to cuddle up with it? Clearly it is too cute to be dangerous. The trickery and lure of a cat mixed with a dragon's power... yikes!

We might actually have to be worried, if only they were not so lazy and did not just sleep all day.

Digital Artwork

Most of the time, I use an iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil and the application Procreate to create digital artwork. I like this combination because it is like having a digital sketchpad that you can carry around with you fairly easily at all times. It is easy to use wherever you like, at a table, on a couch, while lying in bed, outside sitting in the shade, and so on.