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My name is David Kunzman. I'm a computer scientist, with a particular emphasis on parallel programming and high performance computing (HPC) applications. For more information on my research, please visit my research page.


I graduated with a Ph.D. in computer science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) in the summer of 2012. While at UIUC, I was a member of both the Parallel Programming Lab and the Theoretical and Computational Biophysics Group (TCBG). As a member of PPL, I worked on the Charm++ programming model and runtime system. In particular, my work focused on programming model and runtime support for heterogeneous hardware, including clusters made up of a combination of x86-based processors, Cell processors, and/or GPGPU-based processors. The Charm++ programming model is typically used for high performance computing (HPC) and scientific applications. As a member of TCBG, I helped with the development and optimization of a popular molecular dynamics application called NAMD.

Prior to earning my Ph.D., I earned a MS in computer science from UIUC, as well as a BS in computer science and engineering from the University of Toledo in Toledo, OH.


I've been playing with computers since I was young. I've been programming them since I was about twelve years old, starting with the VI editor to write C++ programs on a UNIX workstation. My interest in computers has naturally lead me to pursue a career involving computers. It is both interesting and challenging. Perhaps more importantly, being able to program (even a little bit) enables you to use computers in a way that most people cannot. Being able to program places at least a fraction of the enourmous potential of a computer within your grasp. Since I started, code that I've written has been executed on a variety of platforms, including: standard desktop systems, firmware for a factory linking device, Playstation 3s, Intel's Xeon Phi, some of the largest supercomputers in the world, and more.

Another interest of mine, which has only come about in the last several years, is photography. I've become somewhat obsessed with it you might say. I'm not sure that I would consider myself particularly good at it, but I enjoy it quite a bit and continue to pursue it. If you're interested in seeing any of my photography, visit my photography page.

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